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Marshall Financial Services, Inc.

400 East Pratt Street / Suite 800 / Baltimore, MD 21202


Marshall Financial Services Team

Joshua Marshall

Joshua Marshall is a dedicated accountant and business owner with over 5 years of entrepreneurial experience who leads Marshall Financial as President. He founded Marshall Financial Services in 2006 and in 2007 won the Student Entrepreneur Award from the University of Baltimore. Considered an expert on small business accounting, he has been asked to appear on panels discussing a wide variety of challenges facing business owners and entrepreneurs. In particular, Joshua is committed to helping local business owners grow their dreams and better understand how they can leverage their finances to improve their business.


Valerie Lohr

Valerie Lohr is an ISO certified international auditor with over 10 years of professional experience. Characterized by superb organizational, time management and communication skills, she is a naturally talented supervisor and account manager. Prior to joining MFS, she was employed in the manufacturing industry, where she gained valuable experience in the areas of bookkeeping, operations, human resources and quality control and experienced rapid professional advancement. Valerie graduated Cum Laude from College of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Management.


Courtney Fuller

Courtney Fuller is a self-motivated professional that is committed to exceptional client service. Prior to joining MFS, she served as finance administrator for a large Annapolis-based event management company, where she was responsible for managing various client accounting functions. Throughout the course of her 10 year career, she has developed expertise in the areas of accounts payable/receivable, financial statements, reconciliations, and payroll. Her experience in other core business functions, including human resources, marketing and operations, makes her a well-rounded, valuable asset to the MFS team. Courtney obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Baltimore.

Sharon Fitzgerald

Sharon Fitzgerald is a talented and hardworking accounting professional with over twenty years of experience working with a diverse range of clients. Her strong work ethic, excellent organizational abilities, and attention to detail make her an invaluable asset to the MFS team. She has a proven ability to problem solve and multi-task for her clients. She has considerable experience in the manufacturing industry, with a comprehensive knowledge of accounts receivable, accounts payable, collections, payroll, financial statements and reporting, and human resources. Sharon has supplemented her hands-on experience with courses in accounting and economics at the University of Maryland.