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Marshall Financial Services, Inc.

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We don't like to brag, but we think we do a pretty good job. So do our clients. Here's just a sampling of what our current clients are saying about us:

“MFS started providing America Works with services at a key point in our development - we had opened a new division, we were bidding on work overseas and our head office was having difficulty supporting us. Josh stepped into the breach and gave us the key financial information that we needed to manage our business pro-actively. I would not hesitate to recommend MFS to any company that needs the services of a CFO.”

Stephen Muirhead
Vice President & General Manager
America Works of Maryland

"I understand what I know, and I admit to what I don't. Bookkeeping is on the top of the list. That aside, it frustrates the hell out of me. My job, as a Consulting Practice Business Owner, is to: keep the clients happy, keep the pipeline full, keep the employees and subcontractors on task and paid on time, and produce the work that satisfies all of the above. I tried managing the books, myself. I tried managing an internal person to handle the books, but that required more work on my end.

MFS was my life saver. Josh and his team understand me. Understanding me is paramount to understanding how to manage my business bookkeeping needs. Josh and his team protect me from making the "too busy to do" mistakes. Using MFS has saved me money, headaches, and time. They control my numbers...but I feel like I am much more than a number to them. And that counts."

Jennifer Alterwitz
President, JA Consulting

"I have found Marshall Financial Services to be very responsive to my business needs and would highly recommend their services!"

Dana Clark
President, Organizational Talent Solutions