Marshall Finanial Services

Marshall Financial Services, Inc.

400 East Pratt Street / Suite 800 / Baltimore, MD 21202


Managed Services

At MFS, we act as the accounting department for our clients. For us, that means two things: keeping the records and supporting management.

Keeping the Records

When it comes down to it, MFS runs QuickBooks for our clients. We support other accounting systems, of course, but for the majority of small businesses, when you talk about the ‘books’ you’re referring to QuickBooks. Our job is to make sure every penny is in its proper place. We handle everything from data entry to month-end close, so that it’s right the first time. Here is just a summary of some ‘daily functions’ we provide for our clients:

  • Creating invoices and sending them to customers
  • Entering customer payments
  • Collecting on past due accounts
  • Entering new bills
  • Entering credit card charges

Supporting Management

At MFS, our mission is to ensure that business owners have the information they need to succeed. For every client, that means getting a monthly set of financial statements, including your balance sheet and profit/loss reports. Each week, we prepare a 6-week cash flow projection, to help guide and inform decisions about who to pay and when.

More importantly, it’s making sure you have answers when you need them. Have a question about how much you spent on office supplies last year? Need to know if you paid last month’s phone bill? Call us, get your questions answered, and get back to business.