Marshall Finanial Services

Marshall Financial Services, Inc.

400 East Pratt Street / Suite 800 / Baltimore, MD 21202


The MFS difference is very simple - we manage the accounting process from start to finish.

Here's how it works:


We start every engagement by conducting a detailed assessment of a client’s operational and accounting needs. The objective is to create a connection between how you run your business with the financial information you need to track its performance. The end result is a documented system of processes for capturing, processing, and reporting any significant accounting data, customized to your business.


Scan it, fax it, mail it…there are many ways clients can send their source documents to MFS. We work closely with you to make sure you understand what documents we need, and when we need them, so the accounting cycle stays on schedule.


Our highly-trained team will quickly process and enter all of your accounting information, with strict adherence to the guidelines outlined during the Set Up process. Our work is accurate and on time.


Clients are provided with monthly financial statements, short-term cash flow updates, as well as any number of custom financial reports which management requires – which means decisions are made using real-time information, not last year’s data. Our record-keeping is GAAP-compliant, so the records and statements you give to your CPA at year-end are ready for tax preparation, with no extra time or fees required!